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The Story

I’ve loved every minute of this journey

(please scroll down to read about charitable causes, custom and bulk orders)

An Idea Is Born

I never imagined a hobby would turn into a business. It all began with a second job at Hobby Lobby and a book on handmade soaps. As an art minor desperate for a creative outlet I decided to give soap making a try...five years later here we are. I have built a small business doing something I love with the people I love. Read further to learn a little about them!

My Behind the Scenes Team

Bottom L- Clockwise Nadine (the mom) She is my biggest help, my biggest fan and without her this would never be possible. Mark (the dad) He is my go to for anything I ever need, my heavy lifter, and always reminds me when I need to slow down. Duncan (the boyfriend) He is my partner, my builder, my loader and hauler, always letting me know how proud he is of my work. Zack and Kate (the brother & his girlfriend) They are always coming up with new ideas and ways to make my business better, getting me sales, and helping when they can. Bub (the grandmother) She is always lending a helping hand, doing dishes, and passing down her creative genes.

Custom Orders & Gift Baskets

Custom Orders and Gift Baskets are something I love to do. I have done Weddings, Showers, Charity Events, Reunions, and Birthday Parties. I like to personally speak to anyone wanting to do a custom order, whether it be a large quantity of soaps, a few gift baskets or a single gift because it is very important that I capture the exact idea you have for your special event. The possibilities are limitless from products, colors, scents, labeling clear to the packaging.

Bulk Orders & Stores

Imagine my excitement when I was approached to put my soap in a store? Now I am in a few stores and have built a few different price package for bulk order customers. Each package is built to allow room for change and so that in the end all parties involved are happy with pricing and products.

Giving Back

I am a believer that success comes from giving back and helping anytime you can. I have a few causes that are very important and near to my heart, one of which is animal rescue, seeing how I own 5 rescues, who are also part of the reason I do what I do. I have given many donations to different organizations and participated in many charity events for all sorts of causes. Please reach out if you would like to do a fundraiser or are in need of a donation. I try to help anytime I can!!!!