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Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Are your products all natural?

        I know you should never answer a question with a question but... What do you mean by "all natural"? There are no preservatives or unnecessary chemicals in our soap. We also do not use any animal bi-products in our soap. We are the definition of animal lovers. We use everything in the raw form and as many organic oils as possible. Trust me, I would never use anything in our soap that I would not want in my own soap. Next question please...

2.  Is there lye in your soap?

        This is the million dollar question!! Drumroll... Yes and no!! Soap cannot be made without lye. A basic soap recipe consists of combining vegetable (my preference) or animal oils and fats with an alkali solution, which is most commonly sodium hydroxide, also known as, lye. Mixing things just right, using just the right amounts, and voila, you will have created just the right batch of soap. With that being said, all soap must cure for a period of at least 4-6 weeks during that time many cool things happen. This process is known as saponification, and one of those cool things that happens is that the lye disappears!!!  Yay!!!! Soap making is not only an art it is a science too!

3.  I have skin issues, What do you use to add color and scent to your soap?

      That depends on you and your skin! I have had customers with issues from acne, to psoriasis to poison ivy, all of them have used our soap with no complaints. All of our soap is made with the mildest formula possible, but the best way to find out if it works for you is to try it! I could give you an extensive list or I could sum it up by saying, we use a wide variety of colorants and fragrances to make our soap stand out!! Our colorants are certified safe, and you will never find FD&C dyes in our soap. We prefer to use micas, oxides, clays and natural colorant, all are non-toxic. When we scent our soap we use essential oils whenever possible, and fragrance oils in the rest, sometimes we like to b;end the two together. The fragrance oils are phalate free and certified by the FDA as safe to use in your soap. Yes, it is very important that our soap smells good, but even more important are you, the customer, we want to keep you happy, healthy, and smelling nice!! That way you will continue to come back for more!! 

4. How do I find out where you will be selling your soap and is it available for wholesale?

      To find out where we will be selling you can either check out our HOME page or join our email list, just fill out the contact form letting us know you would like to be on our list!  This way you wont miss an event plus you will get some really cool insight as well as free stuff!!

Our soap is ALWAYS available wholesale!! Just fill out the contact form,  call us at 724-986-1053 or email us at [email protected] to discuss pricing!

5.  How long, on average, can I expect a bar of soap to last?

       It depends, there are many contributing factors, but on average, one person showering once a day can expect a bar to last from 4-6 weeks.That is only if you are letting the soap dry and drain after every use. Handmade soap is full of oil and retains all of its natural glycerine, while this is wonderful for the skin, it unfortunately allows the soap to easily absorb water. Therefore, if you leave your soap laying in water it will dissolve rather quickly. We do not add any chemical hardeners to preserve your soap, so it is up to you to make it last.  I promise it's worth it!! 

6. Is your soap returnable and do you take special orders?

      First, unfortunately at this time we do not accept returns. Keeping you happy is our primary purpose so if you have any problems or are displeased please contact us. We will gladly do everything we can to rectify any problems.

Second, yes, you can always place special orders. Please just keep in mind making soap takes ALOT of time with a 4-6 week curing process. Just contact us with plenty of time, we ask for 8 weeks, to discuss your special order and all the possibilities. We will require a deposit on any special order.

7. Does Creatively Clean donate to charity?

           Yes! We love charity! Every few months we will make a special bar of soap and donate all proceeds to the charity of our choice. Check out our online store for the soap marked FUNDRAISER. If you are looking for a donation please email us your information, we will check it out and get back to you. We love giving back!

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